Who Are We?

Brand New Start (BNS) is a collective of creative professionals with a shared vision to develop and improve society through cultivating an active and long-lasting network of talented people, and enabling better conditions for arts and culture to flourish.

Jonny Harnett, BNS founder and long-time respected resident of the N8 area, is a carpenter, upholsterer and antique restorer by trade, and an enthusiastic singer, artist and film-maker in his spare time.

In 2006 Jonny was running his busy workshop just off Hornsey High Street. He invested in some live music performance equipment and setup a space in his warehouse unit where people could play music together and enjoy the company of positive people in an environment of free expression. Through witnessing the sheer love and enjoyment that was garnered in this creative space, Jonny realised the importance and absolute necessity for a community to have a venue where its members can go to connect with other people, share ideas and create things of beauty.

Jonny currently has a space next to the Garden Shop on Hornsey Hight Street with a team of creative and pro-active individuals who are passionate about developing it as a cultural venue with the interests of the community at heart.